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Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

A must-have for thumpers.

Single-cylinder bikes like to vibrate. And that vibration can kill the image-stabilization mechanism in your phone's camera. Our Buzz-Kill vibration isolator fixes this problem by damping out those camera-killing vibrations.

It's based on a mechanism called a wire-rope isolator that uses stranded stainless steel wire to convert vibrational energy into heat (not enough for you to feel though). The beauty of this design is that it's incredibly rugged, as it's made entirely out of aluminum and stainless steel. No rubber to degrade over time.

The Buzz-Kill bolts to the back of our  Perfect Squeeze phone mount  and is compatible with ourLow-Profile bar clamps, RAM ball and socket accessories, or can be bolted right to a dash plate.

NOTE: If you have an older version of the Perfect Squeeze that has the dovetail machined right into the base, you'll need to upgrade to our current version of the Perfect Squeeze in order to use the Buzz-Kill. Due to the weight of a tablet, the Buzz-Kill will not work with our Big Squeeze tablet mount. For use with the Perfect Squeeze and Juiced squeeze only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Diege Dorsey

Fine craftsmanship blended with clever engineering. Works perfect…. Thank you!

Kenneth Yung
Working Perfectly

Isolate vibration very significantly

Christopher Dery

It’s super well-made, but one observation: the phone moves around a LOT, more than I’d like.

I understand this is how the vibration damping works, but it’s a bit much.

Justin James
Functionally great

The fuctionality of this device is amazing. I put it on my 2007 ZX-10R with a fork stem RAM ball, RAM short connector, and the RAM claw phone mount, and no matter what revs the motor is at (and it's a buzzy motor!) none of it can be felt on the phone, and I would feel it before all the times. At a basic, "does this work as advertised?" I give it, without question, full marks without thinking twice. Also need to add, emails to Hondo before purchase were returned VERY quickly. A+ customer service, and I would 100% like to give these folks more of my money going forwards. I will doubt I will be buying any more RAM products for anything that I can buy Hondo for instead.

So why a 4 star, and not a 5 star review?

* It adds a ton of height to the phone mount. Probably can't be helped, though. But it puts the phone in a much-higher position, when I want it down and out of the way.

* The design does an amazing job at dampening (dare I say eliminating?) vibrations, but the nature of the design is that the wires will flex a bit, and as a result, doing things like pushing buttons on the side of the phone, using the touch screen, etc. sometimes move the phone around. It's not a dealbreaker, but it's annoying. Maybe the wire stiffness can be refined to solve that, while still doing its job?

* The mounting hole patterns don't match the RAM stuff. I know it's some sort of standard, and I was able to make it work by rotating it 30 degrees, but it was a bit of a stretch for everything to like up properly, and it looks weird being at this angle. I wish there was an option for a mounting plate that matched RAM's very basic 2 hole pattern, or if that pattern was also built-in.

As you can see, none of these are major issues, it's mostly small quality of life things. None of them take away from the fact that I think this does an awesome job at what I bought it for (eliminating vibrations to my phone so my camera doesn't get killed!), and for that it's a 5 star product. If none of these things will impact you at all, it will be 5 stars for you too.


brian mccollum
New Design

The new Buzz-Kill look and installed very easily. The new larger platform and stability seem to be much improved.

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