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Perfect Squeeze Bar-Clamp Bundle

 Comes with everything you need:

  • (1) Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount. Fits any phone and almost all cases. Can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.

  • (1) Set of our Low-Profile mounting clamps. Quickly clamps to any bar or irregular shape from .375" to 1.25" in diameter. Our unique sliding-jaw design allows very quick installation so it's easy to swap from bike to bike.

We designed the Perfect Squeeze phone mount for off-road motorcycle riders and racers who want to use their phones as a GPS. You can ride the track or the gnarliest washboard and your phone won't budge, but when you stop for lunch it's easy to pop your phone in and out. It's is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with almost any phone and any case.

We recommend the low-profile setup for most motorcycles, especially for anyone who rides aggressively off road. The articulating system is best for bikes with unique mounting requirements that can't be served by the low-profile setup.

If you ride a single-cylinder motorcycle, we recommend our Vibration Isolating Mount System to prevent potential damage to your phone's camera. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Daniel Troche
Worked well for my bicycle!

Perfect for my bicycle. Now I can listen to some music while I ride.

Hindo Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount

Great piece of well made hardware for securing your phone. Now tested through the Idaho BDR and performed flawlessly, securely and safely holding phone in place right on the bars for easy navigation.

G de la F.
Works perfectly!

Works exactly as described. Mount and phone are solidly secured while phone is easy to take out with a couple of turns.

Johnson A.
The best

Simply the best out there. Beautifully made, rock solid, lifetime quality.

Buy once, cry once.

I'm the dingus that cheaped out and bought a RAM mount and wrecked the camera on my phone on my first long trip. As soon as I got home I ordered this one from Hondo and haven't looked back. Holds the phone securely, doesn't vibrate and fits/sits perfectly on my bars. Zero regrets other than I wish I would have got this one first.

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