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Mother Sucker Suction Mount


Say Goodbye to Wimpy Suction Cups

Finally a mount that will work with any vehicle!

We took the beefiest suction cup we could get our hands on and paired it with a plunger style vacuum pump and a burley aluminum CNC machined backing plate. What came to be is the most bomber suction mount out there. The Suction mount is rated to hold 22 lbs. in a vertical orientation so it is plenty strong for any phone or tablet.

The vacuum piston has an indicator line that becomes visible if the cup loses suction but before the mount falls off. No longer do you have to wonder if your mount is going to come flying off your windshield when you hit that big bump.

Compatible with 2-hole or 4-hole RAM balls or any accessory that uses the industry-standard AMPS hole pattern.

Sold by itself or as a complete  phone or  tablet mounting bundle.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

*If you experience loss of suction, clean the suction cup face and the mating surface of your vehicle with soapy water