Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)
Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)
Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)
Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)
Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)

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Toyota Radio Knobs (2020+)

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Improved Radio Ergonomics

Note: These fit 3rd gen 2020+ Tacoma's (and corollas and other Toyotas with Entune3.0 radio) If you have a 2nd or 3rd gen older than 2020, take a look at our basic or premium knobs.

The factory knobs on the Entune Premium systems aren't ergonomically friendly. So we fixed that with these CNC-machined aluminum knobs. These knobs are anodized black and offer a bit more surface area to grab. They fit both radio options on the 2020+ Tacoma.

We also make the world's best off-road phone mount and a sturdy mounting point for 3rd gen Tacomas.

Customer Reviews

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Tacoma radio knobs

Sweaty, dirty, or greasy fingers? Maybe just cold fingers?
These nobs are the ticket. Toyota should take note.

Best knobs to get your fingers on!

Bought this for my 2022 Tacoma TRD OR. Why buy replacement radio knobs, well the factory versions suck.. they are tiny and smooth, making them hard to manipulate with or without gloves. The design of Hondo Garage’s knob is ALMOST perfect.
The only upgrade I would recommend is to have the ability to allow the knob to illuminate at the base, so it is easier to view at night.
Other than that, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Cool Breeze
Every Body Likes a Good Set of Knobs

Sure glad I found your site. The radio knobs on my 22 TRD were the worst. If you have large hands and any type of hand lotion on (Northern Desert super dry) forget turning the knobs. These are the way to go. On the engraved ones I would have powder coated the knobs and then engraved so the engraving is more clearly visible....gee could even put in a paint color for the engraving!

Fuck Joe Biden
Awesome knobs

These knobs are really needed to fix the crappy knobs Toyota installed from the factory. I still almost wish they were about 1/8” longer but still a 120% improvement from factory. Made in USA too, also check out the un-holey mount too. I’m probably gonna buy another one soon myself. Thanks guys

Doug Colbath
Definitely worth it !

Customer service is Excellent
They STAND Behind their product!