About Us

About Us

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What's our deal?

Well, we like to think of ourselves as a secret cabin in the woods filled with high-tech manufacturing gear where lab-coated wizards toil away designing and building specialized adventure gear. In reality we're just a small shop in the mountains of Montana filled with high-tech manufacturing gear. Inside, four people and four robots toil away designing and building specialized adventure gear. (Thus far the robots have not designed anything on their own... as far as we know)

We don't wear lab coats, we're not really wizards (as far as I know), but we are dedicated to designing and making robust mechanical widgets for your outdoor adventures.

That's what we do now, but where did we come from?

Well... long ,long ago back in 2012, I started making stuff in an 80 square foot garage. There was no heat and just one outlet. I had a little benchtop CNC machine and a hacksaw. I made whatever interested me: parts for bicycles, parts for motorcycles, trucks, and videography tools. The machine buzzed, breathe made white clouds in the unheated air, and two really neat things emerged from that shop: A scratch built 1.5hp motorcycle/bicycle contraption that I cajoled across the Mojave desert, and a small tool called a follow focus that I posted to Kickstarter on a whim.

The bike didn't strand me in the desert, and the kickstarter project exceeded my most extreme expectations. I quit my job, found a shop with heat, bought some bigger machines and began a new chapter as a professional widget maker.

The original garage in its most developed form.


Touring the Mojave on a scratch-built motorized contraption


The product that started it all, the 50-Dollar Follow Focus


Humans and robots living the dream