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Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle

Our Tacoma Phone Mounting System gives you everything you need to mount your phone securely, even in the most demanding off-road conditions. Our mounts are made from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel. We're not messing around here. This is the best phone mount ever made.

Includes everything you need:

  • (1) Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount. Badger clamps onto your vent and won't let go. No holes, no glues, no rattles. Only fits 2016+ Toyota Tacoma.  (or 2014+ Tundra)
  • (1)Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount. Originally designed for dirtbike racing, this phone gripper will not slip. For day-today use your phone pops in and out one-handed with no adjustment needed. Give it a few clicks for more grip when the road gets bumpy.
  • (2)  1-inch RAM balls. One attaches to the Perfect Squeeze and one attaches to the Un-Holey Dash Mount. Lets you articulate like a laser-evading cat burglar.
  • (1) Ram Arm. Clamps on the two balls to allow for said cat-burglar laser-evading articulation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great Product

Very easy to install, rotate and adjust to desired position(s). Couldn’t ask for better quality, I’d recommend this product to anyone.

Austin Cowan
Works Great

Mount works exactly how you think it would. Clamps on securely, doesn't scratch the chrome face of the vent (this thing doesn't move around at all once it's secured to the vent), and doesn't block any significant amount of airflow coming from the vent. You need to set the twist of the vent before tightening the mount down but you can open and close it freely once it's mounted. No need to put adhesive anywhere on your dash or interior trim, love this thing.

Brandon Doiron
Best phone mount ever!

Awesome phone mount bundle! Cones with everything you need. Very high quality. Install takes about 10 minutes. I also ordered the Tacoma phone clips with my bundle so I’d have the ultimate setup possible. Plus I’ve been dealing with my lightning cable constantly dangling in front of everything (nav screen, climate knobs, etc…) and it’s fairly irritating. Even without the clips, the phone mount itself is sufficient. I would definitely recommend this bundle to ANY Tacoma owner!

John Hovig
Toyota AC ram mount

Very clean easy to install very solid well thought out and engineered. I love it!

Liam Marshall
A great example of you get what you pay for, 100% Quality parts

Rock solid, tidy, simple. It does the job it's designed to do, and it does it well. I've wasted my money on magnetic and clip on mounts before, I wish I'd brought this sooner.

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