Juicer Installation

  1. Remove the gripper posts. If the post comes off the set screw, remove the set screw as well. Usually the post and the screw come off together. They're loc-tited on so you may need to use pliers, which is why the upgrade comes with new posts.
  2. Install the bottom adapter first (the one without the puck) by threading the two allen bolts preinstalled in the adapter into the now empty gripper post holes. We recommend a tiny amount of blue loc-tite on the screw. You can get an allen key in there without removing the new gripper posts. Just tighten them a little past snug, no need to make them extra tight. The larger radius curve goes toward the puck, the smaller radius toward the click wheel.
  3. Install the puck holder the same way.
When wiring it up, the charger needs a 12v input. Red is positive and black is negative (reversing the polarity can damage the puck).  We recommend wiring this to an ignition-switched circuit so you don't drain the battery over time.