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Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

A must-have for thumpers.

Single-cylinder bikes like to vibrate. And that vibration can kill the image-stabilization mechanism in your phone's camera. Our Buzz-Kill vibration isolator fixes this problem by damping out those camera-killing vibrations.

It's based on a mechanism called a wire-rope isolator that uses stranded stainless steel wire to convert vibrational energy into heat (not enough for you to feel though). The beauty of this design is that it's incredibly rugged, as it's made entirely out of aluminum and stainless steel. No rubber to degrade over time.

The Buzz-Kill bolts to the back of our  Perfect Squeeze phone mount  and is compatible with ourLow-Profile bar clamps, RAM ball and socket accessories, or can be bolted right to a dash plate.

NOTE: If you have an older version of the Perfect Squeeze that has the dovetail machined right into the base, you'll need to upgrade to our current version of the Perfect Squeeze in order to use the Buzz-Kill. Due to the weight of a tablet, the Buzz-Kill will not work with our Big Squeeze tablet mount. For use with the Perfect Squeeze only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Andy Johnson

My old Ram Mount killed the camera on an iPhone 11 on its first ride. Have been running for a month or more with this and all is well. If I have any gripe it’s that the phone is now extended out away from the mount and it is flexible so you have to hold things still when inserting the phone. But you get used to it quickly. Bums me out that the new cameras are so weak, but this is a good fix.

John Dowling
Happy so far.

Been using it for about 700 miles and my camera on the phone is still working.

Buzz Kill Vibration Isolator

Works great on the street, dirt and gravel roads I like to ride!!!!!

Michael massucco
too tall?

This works really great but it does sit quite high off of the mounting bracket. This is better suited for road or adventure riding....Not suitable for offroad use...the phone flops around way to much

Our new version of the buzzkill helps solve the flop issue while getting gnarly on the trails. It has a wider platform which makes it more stable.

Mark H
Works as advertised!

After my iphone 12 pro camera died I ordered the Buzz-Kill. It works great and significantly reduced the vibrations. It is totally noticeable when comparing the vibrations at the phone versus the handle bar itself. I use this on both a BMW F750GS and a Yamaha XT250. Works great!

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