Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator
Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

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Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

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A must-have for thumpers.

Single-cylinder bikes like to vibrate. And that vibration can kill the image-stabilization mechanism in your phone's camera. Our Buzz-Kill vibration isolator fixes this problem by damping out those camera-killing vibrations.

It's based on a mechanism called a wire-rope isolator that uses stranded stainless steel wire to convert vibrational energy into heat (not enough for you to feel though). The beauty of this design is that it's incredibly rugged, as it's made entirely out of aluminum and stainless steel. No rubber to degrade over time.

The Buzz-Kill bolts to the back of our Perfect Squeeze phone mount and is compatible with ourLow-Profile bar clamps, RAM ball and socket accessories, or can be bolted right to a dash plate.

NOTE: If you have an older version of the Perfect Squeeze that has the dovetail machined right into the base, you'll need to upgrade to our current version of the Perfect Squeeze in order to use the Buzz-Kill. Due to the weight of a tablet, the Buzz-Kill will not work with our Big Squeeze tablet mount. For use with the Perfect Squeeze and Juiced squeeze only.

Customer Reviews

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Joe Meunier
Great Tool-

I appreciate the design, craftsmanship and durability. I recommend the product to other riders all the time.

Chris Stewart
Excellent product.

The isolation it provides is VERY good. The build quality is high.

For my purposes the isolation is a little too much. With the Buzz-Kill, my phone wiggles around a lot when riding dirt roads, and a decent amount on pavement... While this is certainly effective at isolating vibration, it can make reading/touching the screen difficult.

Perhaps a soft/medium/stiff version would allow for users to get a more targeted solution to their problem.

I'd effectively like to increase the compression/rebound damping, to put it in suspension terms.

Jason C.
Great Product

Works great and based on the construction I believe this is the only product that will provide adequate vibration isolation to save my phone camera. Only suggestion for Hondo is to add a few more mounting bolts to package. Had to go to local hardware store to get extra bolts for mounting to my moto and the phone holder (Ram Quick Grip).

Josiah Stevens
Great product

Very nice finish, quality built product

Nice Product with Even Better Support

The Buzzkill works great to isolate your phone from engine and road vibrations. I did end up breaking the wires with an iPhone on the RAM Quick Grip mounted to my 690 Enduro. I had several thousand miles of hard off-road before that happened though. Hondo Garage stands behind their product and not only sent me a new wire to repair mine, but also a brand new one to fill in until I could repair it.