Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle
Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle
Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle
Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle
Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle
Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle

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Toyota Tacoma Phone Mounting Bundle

Sale price$149.00

Our Tacoma Phone Mounting System gives you everything you need to mount your phone securely, even in the most demanding off-road conditions. Our mounts are made from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel. We're not messing around here. This is the best phone mount ever made.

Includes everything you need:

  • (1) Un-Holey Tacoma Dash Mount. Badger clamps onto your vent and won't let go. No holes, no glues, no rattles. Only fits 2016+ Toyota Tacoma. (or 2014-2021 Tundra)
  • (1)Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount. Originally designed for dirtbike racing, this phone gripper will not slip. For day-today use your phone pops in and out one-handed with no adjustment needed. Give it a few clicks for more grip when the road gets bumpy.
  • (2) 1-inch RAM balls. One attaches to the Perfect Squeeze and one attaches to the Un-Holey Dash Mount. Lets you articulate like a laser-evading cat burglar.
  • (1) Ram Arm. Clamps on the two balls to allow for said cat-burglar laser-evading articulation.



At Hondo Garage we design, manufacture, package, and ship all of our products out of our shop in Montana, making us 100% made in the USA. We only make things we want to exist. And we only sell them if we think they're the best they can be.

The last Phone mount you'll need

A phone mount Built to last

The Perfect Squeeze was designed to deliver on being the most dependable, rugged, and durable mount to secure your device. We've been refining it since 2016 to ensure it will hold up even through toughest of conditions.
One mount for any device

Rock Solid Clamping

We've heard your feedback and have extended the design to now clamp any device between 2.25" - 4", rendering it compatible with some of largest phones on the market.
Designed to be versatile

Amps Compatible

The AMPS pattern, which features four holes drilled in a rectangular configuration (30mm x 38mm), is an industry-standard mounting screw pattern used across a wide range of applications for securely attaching devices to mounts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Alan Britton
Sturdy System

Sturdy, solid system. It does take some time to get dialed in, but once it is it works well. I’m perfectly willing to pay for quality materials, which this system is.

Fantastic gear

These folks know what they want and know how to make it. Super impressed w the quality and function.
Worth every dollar!

Christopher Menjivar
Phenomenal Mount

Is it more expensive than other mounts on the market? Yes, but the quality and service provided by Kyle is second to none! Communication is outstanding and you’ll receive a response quickly if you have any concerns! Thank you again Kyle for all your help and for a beautiful piece!

Kevin Dai
Tacoma Bundle

The Hondo Garage Tacoma bundle phone mount is solid it does what it says holds the phone like a clamp.

Lowell Tash
Aircraft grade materials

The phone holder and tablet holder just plain works. I spend lots of time on wash boarded dirt roads with the 28 mph sercret wash boarded road speed...but that doesn't always work when turns come along and wash board always used to put my gadgets on the floor board. These products are rock at least when I am bouncing around everything else is in perfect sync. Got to love it.