Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount
Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount
Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount
Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount
Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount

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Juiced Squeeze - Wireless Charge Mount

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Simply put, this is the best off-road phone mount and wireless charger you can buy.

We designed it specifically for off-road motorcycle riders and racers who want to use their phones as a GPS. You can ride the track or the gnarliest washboard and your phone won't budge, but when you stop for lunch it's easy to pop your phone in and out.

The clamping mechanism doesn't rely on springs. It's more like a tiny vise that locks securely to your phone. A ball detent prevents loosening from vibration.

The Perfect Squeeze is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with almost any phone and any case.

The wireless charger was developed in collaboration with Moto Power Puck. We embed the MPP circuit board in a waterproof, vibration-proof housing designed for extremely harsh environments (like motorcycle handlebars and race truck dashboards).

Customer Reviews

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George Isenbarg

you need to make the amps mount work in both orientations. i had to machine a block out of aluminum to rotate the hondo.

Scott Patton
Great product, instructions could use a LITTLE help

The quality of the product will NOT let e drop this to 4 star, but the instructions. Could use just a little help. Example - in order to use the charger puck, on an iPhone 12, you need to move the “pegs”. This wasn’t initially obvious. I would also suggest NOT loctiting the pegs in, until you have them set where you want (just my idea). This thing is so much nicer it’s nearest competitors - and it just looks cool, too! (Oh yeah, METRIC ... Please - METRIC)

sean miller
Not great for standard size iPhone

Haven’t used it much but not a fan of the spacing of the knobs that hold your phone in. Had to move two of them to the inner position, otherwise I couldn’t clamp my iPhone 12 Pro in place where it would wirelessly charge but not trigger either the volume or lock buttons… maybe I’m not doing it right but figured that would’ve been thought of in the design. Fit and finish are superb though.

Greg Matuskovic
The best mount out there but…

Please use metric bolts!! Would give it 5 stars if I didn’t need to carry two additional Allen keys to tighten/adjust the mount.

Tyler S.
Tight grip

Holds my phone better than any other mount I've tried, and charges it too!