Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle
Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle

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Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle

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Vibration Dampening?:No
Wireless Charging?:Yes

 Comes with everything you need:

  • (1) Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount. Fits any phone and almost all cases. Can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation.

  • (1) Set of our Low-Profile mounting clamps. Quickly clamps to any bar or irregular shape from .375" to 1.25" in diameter. Our unique sliding-jaw design allows very quick installation so it's easy to swap from bike to bike.

  • (add the optional buzzkill vibration isolator to help protect your phone camera)
  • Add the optional Juiced squeeze upgrade for waterproof, 10w wireless charging

We designed the Perfect Squeeze phone mount for off-road motorcycle riders and racers who want to use their phones as a GPS. You can ride the track or the gnarliest washboard and your phone won't budge, but when you stop for lunch it's easy to pop your phone in and out. It's is made from precision-machined aluminum and stainless steel, and it works with almost any phone and any case.

If you ride a single-cylinder motorcycle, we recommend adding our Buzzkill Vibration Isolating Mount System to prevent potential damage to your phone's camera. 



At Hondo Garage we design, manufacture, package, and ship all of our products out of our shop in Montana, making us 100% made in the USA. We only make things we want to exist. And we only sell them if we think they're the best they can be.

The last Phone mount you'll need

A phone mount Built to last

The Perfect Squeeze was designed to deliver on being the most dependable, rugged, and durable mount to secure your device. We've been refining it since 2016 to ensure it will hold up even through toughest of conditions.
One mount for any device

Rock Solid Clamping

We've heard your feedback and have extended the design to now clamp any device between 2.25" - 4", rendering it compatible with some of largest phones on the market.
Designed to be versatile

Amps Compatible

The AMPS pattern, which features four holes drilled in a rectangular configuration (30mm x 38mm), is an industry-standard mounting screw pattern used across a wide range of applications for securely attaching devices to mounts.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
James Robertson

Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle

Ellen Taylor

Perfect Squeeze Moto Bundle

Corey Poitras

The perfect squeeze moto bundle is amazing! Im so happy with it. Easy to install and holds my device in place pounding whoops at 50 mph! Great product!

Highland Cycles
Best mount period

I have never run a phone on my bars because I’ve never trusted mounts but that has changed now. The Hondo Garage mount is so secure and easy to use that I don’t even think about my expensive phone while I ride now. Thanks guys.

Nathan Hardy
Best cell holder

Very Excellent holder, doesn’t move in the ruff stuff! 100% satisfied