Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator
Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

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Buzz-Kill Vibration Isolator

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A must-have for thumpers.

Single-cylinder bikes like to vibrate. And that vibration can kill the image-stabilization mechanism in your phone's camera. Our Buzz-Kill vibration isolator fixes this problem by damping out those camera-killing vibrations.

It's based on a mechanism called a wire-rope isolator that uses stranded stainless steel wire to convert vibrational energy into heat (not enough for you to feel though). The beauty of this design is that it's incredibly rugged, as it's made entirely out of aluminum and stainless steel. No rubber to degrade over time.

The Buzz-Kill bolts to the back of our Perfect Squeeze phone mount and is compatible with ourLow-Profile bar clamps, RAM ball and socket accessories, or can be bolted right to a dash plate.

NOTE: If you have an older version of the Perfect Squeeze that has the dovetail machined right into the base, you'll need to upgrade to our current version of the Perfect Squeeze in order to use the Buzz-Kill. Due to the weight of a tablet, the Buzz-Kill will not work with our Big Squeeze tablet mount. For use with the Perfect Squeeze and Juiced squeeze only.

Customer Reviews

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Works very well, requires a few extras for Ram mounts

First off, the vibrations are completely non-existent with it installed! So it works great. I've still given it 5 stars, because it does work as advertised and the holes are drilled to work with Ram Mounts. With that said, the screws provided are too long to keep the mounts from slidding around. It took me about 3 washers on each screw to make it feel secure and 2 more screws to secure the other portion of the ram ball mount. Overall, I am pleased with the product, it only took a few extra dollars to get the screws and washers, and I'd recommend it to get rid of any vibration on your ride.

Tested for a 1/4 of a Million miles!

It has been 250K miles since I have had any issue with my IPhone destroying the camera since switching to the Buzzkill. Before switching, I tried every type of anti-vibration phone holder, but they ALL failed. The first 6 phones that were destroyed before switching to the Buzzkill were fixed or replaced by Apple, but now they claim the warranty doesn’t cover vibration from motorcycles. I had one phone last only 2,000 miles before being damaged!
When you pay $1400 for a device you want to see and use while riding a motorcycle, you need to depend on the mount to keep it working. I recommend the buzzkill to all my motorcycle friends and fans. I wouldn’t ride across town without using it, never mind the multiple trips I ride across the country every year.

David K.
Super High Quality and Utilitarian

5 stars for quality and utilitarian properties. It does what it is supposed to do.

My only issue with it is the size, especially when positioned with the ram arm in an upright position. The vibration dampener ‘arms’ sag quite a bit and cause the phone to bounce. I think that is more aesthetics through, rather than functionality. I still use it everyday.

Gary McGinnis

Now that they have upgraded it , I need to buy another one to replace my old one. Can’t let my daughter have better gear than me.

Michael V.

My one year old Buzz-Kill had a support cable break during a rough offroad ride.
Contacted Hondo Garage and they immediately shipped me a new updated version (at no cost to me).
The latest iteration of the Buzz-Kill seems to address the previous generation's shortcomings. Though i haven't been able to put it to the test, i think this one will last.