Bar-Tab Mount for Perfect Squeeze
Bar-Tab Mount for Perfect Squeeze

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Bar-Tab Mount for Perfect Squeeze

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The Bar-Tab is a slick way to mount your Perfect Squeeze phone mount to your motorcycle's handlebars. It'll work with any bike that has an M8 bar clamp bolt (most of them.) Especially useful on bikes that have a mono top clamp that covers the bars like the ones Highway Dirtbikes makes.

The Bar-Tab bolts to two of the AMPS mounting holes on the Perfect Squeeze, which means you can run it in the top two or the bottom two, and sticking out to the right or the left to achieve different mounting positions.

Includes the Bar-Tab mount, two stainless 10-32 SHCS, and three different lengths of M8-1.25 handlebar bolt (45mm, 50mm, and 55mm).

Customer Reviews

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Michael Jones
Elegant and minimalistic solution...

Small but mighty! The Bar-Tab is an light-weight minimalistic bracket for the Perfect Squeeze phone mount. Highly recommended!

Michael massucco
Bar tab mount

This is a simple, secure and low profile solution to mounting the hondo perfect squeeze.

Pete Hamel

These guys have the greatest products. Absolutely rock solid engineering AND Top notch customer service. The Bestest!!!

Sikes Motorsports

Perfect fit, strong and stable.

Used and beat down on Enduro bike, awesome performance!

I beat the crap out of this straight out-of-the-box over a multiday desert enduro ride, carrying my phone (which ran my navigation) and the product works awesome. Very solid, well designed, high quality, decent damping for the phone, reliable, no issues.
ONE design-complaint: I wish it came in Metric! Sorry to "standard" folk, but the entire powersports world (in fact, majority of the first-world) works in Metric. I had to buy hex-keys just for this, and then had to MARK the tools in my toolkit, essentially carrying a bespoke tool for just this mount only. That's a big luxury on a very sparse toolkit, where stripping fastener heads is not an option, and losing navigation (from a potential loose bar mount) 100 miles into the desert could be catastrophic.
So minor, but important niggle to an otherwise awesome product, that is otherwise viable for the powersports market. Please make these Metric! You'll find more customers!
Note - I'm referring to the clamping bolt on the adjustable bar clamp that I purchased in addition, and the screws mounting the phone base to whichever mounting you work with. Two different size SAE fastener tools to have to carry. For what it's worth, nothing came loose (I also loctite-'d the base), but you still need these to adjust position, or enable repair after crash, etc.